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Processing… Processing

Like most people I’ve been bitten by the “social networks take up all my blogging time” bug. But in reality, I think that’s OK. I once read someone who said SMS is becoming the polite way of conversing, as opposed … Continue reading

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I’ve been using a lot of python, jQuery and web services recently and thought it was time to pull together those skills into a public app. Like most developers, I often “scratch my own itch” and write code to solve … Continue reading

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Taking (and keeping) your temperature!

I swear I don’t have a penchant for medical terminology but this ioBridge stuff is making me feel like that time I stayed at a Holiday Inn… so refreshing, I think I could perform surgery! After my heart hacks (see … Continue reading

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What if stocks were movies?

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, I’ve been playing with python, couchdb and been working my way through the “Programming Collective Intelligence” book. However, what I haven’t been talking about much is what I’ve actually been doing with it! … Continue reading

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Fun with twitter

Lauren shares two fun twitter tools, which I don’t want to re-describe here but I thought I’d share since visualizations are so much fun!

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