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Turing Test for Clouds

One of the ‘trends’ in programming is Monkey Patching which bypasses fixed static types and is used in more dynamic languages. I internalize the technique as; “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a … Continue reading

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BookList – Entry 8: Wired for War

If you’ve seen either of my recent robotics projects then you might suspect I have some slight fascination with the more exotic forms our technology can take. Which it not to say that I don’t have reservations, nor do I … Continue reading

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Bridge to my heart…

Yesterday I talked quickly about my new ioBridge module and how excited I was to get started with it! As I mentioned, my real goal is to bring physical interactions into the digital world and I had a heartbreakingly simple … Continue reading

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What do I win… ?

I have a confession to make which probably won’t surprise many of you, least of all my wife. I hope it’s a minor flaw that doesn’t make me too intolerable but the fact is: I like to be right. I … Continue reading

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Posting from my iphone

Although it’s a bit limited, e.g. creating links, I’m now able to post from my iPhone! It’s not only “neat” from a technology perspective but blurrs the lines between blog and social networking site. Almost a resurgence to distributed computing … Continue reading

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