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So it’s probably not catchy enough to be a clothing line but I really agree with the proposed concept of an “opensource community grid”, or “grid for us, by us”. Groups like Folding@Home, SETI or other distributed computing activities are … Continue reading

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The Mythical Man Month

Again, Adam from Monk at Work raises our awareness that no one walks alone. I believe one of the pervasive “myths” of the “man month” is the attitude that tasks can be reduced to an individual unit. Nowhere in business … Continue reading

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Surviving the game

Is this really what it’s all come down to? Do you really have to game the system to be heard? It’s kind of demoralizing. I want to believe it’s possible to be true to oneself and still be successful. However … Continue reading

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Contextually Redefining ‘Friend’

I was ‘talking’ with a friend of mine and she expressed concern over what the future will hold when the majority of social interaction is via the Internet vs. face-to-face. Social Networking has nearly reached mainstream acceptance and it’s proven … Continue reading

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What it’s all about

I was reading Tim O’Reilly’s post and wanted to record my initial impressions. Tim is a very persuasive writer, not simply because of his pedigree or his prose, but because of the process by which he allows the reader to … Continue reading

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