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Educate yourself and while you’re at it, others too

As I wrote yesterday I love TED Talks… oh yea and I did also mention a growing sense of disenfranchisement. I try not to take the information I gather for granted, and one of the joys I experience is in … Continue reading

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Can we break the generation gap in business?

I’m finally getting “settled” in my new role working from home and part of that means getting a chance to get through some podcasts. Actually, although I love TED Talks, I’m not actually a big fan of podcasts. Imagine taking … Continue reading

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You must be 38 or younger to view this post

Working at a large technology company I’m familiar with the “graying” of IT. While often public perspective on “technology” is skewed by the Kevin Rose‘s of the world in enterprise situations it’s often much different. It’s not uncommon to start … Continue reading

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You pick, open infrastructure or getting things done?

I’ve been pretty hot on Amazon for a while now. No that’s not a stock tip, rather a statement of my amazement at their success and innovation as a company. If you haven’t realized, Amazon has been branching out beyond … Continue reading

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The Next Social Network: WordPress – GigaOM

I really appreciated the thoughts in The Next Social Network: WordPress – GigaOM. I’ve been on Facebook for a while now (and prior to that LinkedIn) and despite my initial misgivings, I’ve been surprised at how much value social networks … Continue reading

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