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A Digital Revolution

As an exercise in citizen participation in Government I developed a Digital Government Tracker. At a pivotal time in history, a famous man once said: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Google Friend Connect

I’ve been building my personal site and one of the things I’m excited about is the chance to interconnect my work with the larger social networks out there. I believe every site should do what it’s best at and my … Continue reading

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Apple’s lone Genius

Cool visualizations aside, the most interesting announcement of iTunes 8 (and the quick subsequent bugfix) was the new “Genius” feature. Steve Jobs has been criticized for being out of touch before, when the iPhone came out with out any sort … Continue reading

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Not to be inflamatory…

I don’t want to join in with another one of those “me too” complaints… However, it seems to me like we might have money money for Social Security if the Government wasn’t spending what they had bailing out all these … Continue reading

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Amazon should participate in the OpenWeb

The talks a lot about open standards, particularly in social networks. I find their videos are always energetic and help keep me abreast on aspects of the web that I don’t get to deal with frequently. I believe their … Continue reading

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