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Quick couchdb reminders

Using your browser to access the admin interface; Looking at a view for a specific database with your browser. In this case the database is “stock_values” and the view is “all_stocks” (yes you need the “_view” and the “all” … Continue reading

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One bit of Python I’ll never get…

>>> “hello”[2:4] ‘ll’ >>> “hello”[2:] ‘llo’ >>> “hello”[:4] ‘hell’ Do any of those not make sense to you? Here’s how I see it, and my confusion; “hello” represents a 5 character string… and indexing starts at 0, something most programmers … Continue reading

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What if stocks were movies?

As you’ve seen from my previous posts, I’ve been playing with python, couchdb and been working my way through the “Programming Collective Intelligence” book. However, what I haven’t been talking about much is what I’ve actually been doing with it! … Continue reading

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python & couchdb sample

Lacking any good examples of how to use python’s couchdb module, I’ve managed to make pretty impressive progress (for me) on a 4th of July holiday. I’ll try to recreated it here for others although I know it’ll be incomplete. … Continue reading

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Quick mean python bug…

So I’ve been learning some python and love it! It’s highly functional and most of the libraries are “good enough”. This morning I recently discovered a bug I introduced when testing… not a bug in the class, but a bug … Continue reading

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