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Cloudera’s Hadoop Education

A while back, after Cloudera released their lectures and VMware image for Hadoop, I watched the training sessions and worked through some of the initial exercises. I must say I was a little disappointed by the videos but I believe … Continue reading

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CouchDB Performance – Too much TCP

It’s been a while since I ran my CouchDB performance test, but many of the comments I received suggested that updating my codebase should yield some significant performance improvements. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t have spare cycles to invest … Continue reading

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A simple twitter library in python

I’ve been working on a project built on Google App Engine and I’m relying on twitter to mediate some of the interaction with my end users. What I find great about the growing prevalence of social interfaces is that I … Continue reading

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CouchDB Performance or Use a File

If this is the first post you’ve read from my blog you should probably go check some others and assert for yourself that I’m a big fan of couchDB. Even if it wasn’t easy to be impressed by Damon Katz’s, … Continue reading

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I’ve been using a lot of python, jQuery and web services recently and thought it was time to pull together those skills into a public app. Like most developers, I often “scratch my own itch” and write code to solve … Continue reading

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