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How speed pitching ends up as slow pitch softball

Every so often, an article on “the elevator pitch” comes along where you’re supposed to present your product in 30 seconds or less… five sentences or less… two eye blinks or less…. I don’t want to add specific examples, because … Continue reading

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Making it big time… !

Every athlete dreams of two things… (1) making it to “the big dance” and (2) having that magical moment forever immortalized… with an advertising contract. Admit it, it’s true. Tiger has his own Gatorade now and Anna Kournikova, who apparently … Continue reading

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An Apple for your thoughts…

Am I the only one who wonders why Apple has to take their store offline every time the release a new product? It doesn’t seem beyond Apple’s ability to “flip a switch” to make things instantly live. For a company … Continue reading

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