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The Reciprocal World of IT and Business

Working as an Enterprise Architect, you will frequently hear how technology must support a business need. It’s a cliché, yet accurate, reminder that technologists often deploy something that doesn’t best satisfy the problem. Although play and creativity has a place, … Continue reading

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Working at a large technology company I’m familiar with the “graying” of IT. While often public perspective on “technology” is skewed by the Kevin Rose‘s of the world in enterprise situations it’s often much different. It’s not uncommon to start … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how much is wasted because of vaguarities

Just a quick post, but I’m in a meeting and we’ve spent over an hour discussion how Team A needs information about Team B’s usage numbers, i.e. how many hours they’ve worked and for whom. As an engineer it seems … Continue reading

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Step by Step

This past weekend I had the privilege of watching my wife run a marathon. This makes the third one we’ve done, and while the first two were a little overwhelming I feel like this time we “knew what we were … Continue reading

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The Mythical Man Month

Again, Adam from Monk at Work raises our awareness that no one walks alone. I believe one of the pervasive “myths” of the “man month” is the attitude that tasks can be reduced to an individual unit. Nowhere in business … Continue reading

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