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Working at a large technology company I’m familiar with the “graying” of IT. While often public perspective on “technology” is skewed by the Kevin Rose‘s of the world in enterprise situations it’s often much different. It’s not uncommon to start … Continue reading

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My how long it’s been…

6 weeks! Wow, yes it’s really been that long since I started reading Programming Collective Intelligence and last posted here. A lot has happened during that time, my wife got a new job and because of that we moved. We’re … Continue reading

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Even an Apple goes bad now and then…

I seem to be having a confluence of technology issues recently. Dreamhost, which I’ve loved until now can’t seem to follow through on a simple request (so that I can pay them!!!). And that 1TB drive I “gave” myself for … Continue reading

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iPhone’s Safari – not for geeks

I was watching a presentation on my iPhone on implementation of MapReduce for multi-core and multi-processor systems… You can find out more about it at the project’s website. Before you go.. note the “~christos” part of the URL. In UNIX-speak … Continue reading

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Quick Inspiration for Apple

Just a quick post before the holidays, I’ll be traveling quite a bit so we’ll see how everything holds up. While planning out this trip, I was thinking about making a “My Maps” Google map. I tried this technique while … Continue reading

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