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Where are the filters for Google Reader?

If I can create filters for GMail, to push notes to certain folders or automatically star things, then why can’t I create similar rules for my RSS feeds? RSS has quickly become at least as important to me as email, … Continue reading

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Who’s Really Testing Chrome?

Just a quick gripe to share with anyone using Chrome. For all of Chrome’s new high performance design, there’s a very simple way to bring your tabbed experience to it’s knees,┬áPrint something… In my case it was a 100+ page … Continue reading

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Mashing up the Dashboard

This post is for anyone interested in any of the Government Transparency inituatives. If you’ve been following this topic then you’re probably aware that Vivek Kundra sees a dashboard as a way of accelerating the transparency and transformation of the … Continue reading

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Google’s Unspoken Security Vulnerability

Your personal life, which was once kept secure through email, is now open to the network via RSS. Continue reading

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Taking (and keeping) your temperature!

I swear I don’t have a penchant for medical terminology but this ioBridge stuff is making me feel like that time I stayed at a Holiday Inn… so refreshing, I think I could perform surgery! After my heart hacks (see … Continue reading

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