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Google’s Unspoken Security Vulnerability

Your personal life, which was once kept secure through email, is now open to the network via RSS. Continue reading

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My least favorite part of JSON…

I love how simple the JSON spec is. I never enjoyed reading through all the XML closures, etc. JSON just feels more programming so you don’t have to shift your brain as much as you do with XML. However, I … Continue reading

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Not to be inflamatory…

I don’t want to join in with another one of those “me too” complaints… However, it seems to me like we might have money money for Social Security if the Government wasn’t spending what they had bailing out all these … Continue reading

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Google Chrome fails the Google incognito test

There’s been a lot of talk about Google’s new Chrome browser. If you haven’t checked it out I’d recommend it from a “neat” factor but it’s less practical then upgrading to Firefox 3. Chrome is fast and has some great … Continue reading

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It’s a sad day in Orange-ville … ING has struckout

I’ve been using ING for quite some time now and have always enjoyed them. Easy to open accounts, prompt service, people on the other end of the phone and nearly nonexistant hold times have always made them a great company … Continue reading

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