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Welcome to the White House State of Confusion

I know it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and poke fun at people trying actually do something. And we’ve been given many reasons to respect the technical proficiency of the recent administration’s IT personnel. However, here’s an example of drop down box, … Continue reading

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Links as Code

John Willis’ “Infrastructure as Code” should be a startling epiphany for anyone who has long neglected process and people in favor of technological solutions. Yet, I hope anyone here doesn’t need convincing about the validity of institutionalizing the collective knowledge … Continue reading

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Who’s Really Testing Chrome?

Just a quick gripe to share with anyone using Chrome. For all of Chrome’s new high performance design, there’s a very simple way to bring your tabbed experience to it’s knees, Print something… In my case it was a 100+ page … Continue reading

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Mashing up the Dashboard

This post is for anyone interested in any of the Government Transparency inituatives. If you’ve been following this topic then you’re probably aware that Vivek Kundra sees a dashboard as a way of accelerating the transparency and transformation of the … Continue reading

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Could a couchdb guru explain this, please?

I’m in the process of trying to build (and benchmarking) a couchdb project and I decided to use some word count & frequency samples as data. Since “word count” and “grep” are the quintessential map/reduce examples I thought this would … Continue reading

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