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Trying to run Processing on Mac

So this is just a quick post as a breadcrumb for anyone with similar problems. I’ve been trying to run Processing (after a long hiatus) on my MacBook, and was having no luck. It would throw an error message like … Continue reading

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Postgresql Mac Installation

Just a quick note for Thanksgiving. I’m doing some experimentation and thought, given my frustrations with Sun and Oracle that I’d check out PostgreSQL instead of mysql (my typical DB of choice). Unfortunately, the┬áMac installer threw some issues, stating: “The … Continue reading

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I love Chrome Cookies

OK, I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted and this isn’t intended as a heartfelt explanation, merely a reference for those in need. I’ve been hacking up a storm and shoehorning my way around problems and this … Continue reading

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Where are the filters for Google Reader?

If I can create filters for GMail, to push notes to certain folders or automatically star things, then why can’t I create similar rules for my RSS feeds? RSS has quickly become at least as important to me as email, … Continue reading

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Skinned Programming Paradigms

Here’s a free thought for you. How much of people choice in programming languages is really syntax dependent? For example, I dislike Java (I hate it for other reasons) simply because of the verbosity of ‘System.out.println’ and don’t really understand … Continue reading

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