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The Reciprocal World of IT and Business

Working as an Enterprise Architect, you will frequently hear how technology must support a business need. It’s a cliché, yet accurate, reminder that technologists often deploy something that doesn’t best satisfy the problem. Although play and creativity has a place, … Continue reading

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Links as Code

John Willis’ “Infrastructure as Code” should be a startling epiphany for anyone who has long neglected process and people in favor of technological solutions. Yet, I hope anyone here doesn’t need convincing about the validity of institutionalizing the collective knowledge … Continue reading

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Can your datacenter handle this?

Google recently hosted their I/O conference and, during that, a Google Fellow named Jeff Dean illuminated some of their operational measurements; A single search query touches 700 to 1,000 machines in less then 0.25 seconds. They currently have 36 data … Continue reading

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You must be 38 or younger to view this post

Working at a large technology company I’m familiar with the “graying” of IT. While often public perspective on “technology” is skewed by the Kevin Rose‘s of the world in enterprise situations it’s often much different. It’s not uncommon to start … Continue reading

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How traditional IT skills are becoming irrelevant

I hope those who know me wouldn’t peg me as an alarmist. So take my title with a grain of salt but also, because of that same optimism, with a sense of sobriety. I’ve followed “cloud computing” for a while … Continue reading

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