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Poor sad Oogle…

I don’t know if that’s how he spells his name, but just now… I think I broke his heart… If the records are correct, unbeknownst to me, Oogle and I have apparently had a close knit relationship. Oh, and there’s … Continue reading

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You must be 38 or younger to view this post

Working at a large technology company I’m familiar with the “graying” of IT. While often public perspective on “technology” is skewed by the Kevin Rose‘s of the world in enterprise situations it’s often much different. It’s not uncommon to start … Continue reading

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How speed pitching ends up as slow pitch softball

Every so often, an article on “the elevator pitch” comes along where you’re supposed to present your product in 30 seconds or less… five sentences or less… two eye blinks or less…. I don’t want to add specific examples, because … Continue reading

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Life, Love and Personal Fulfillment in the Amazon

No, this has nothing to do with strange anthropological experiences it’s even more fascinating… I watched a great video from iTunes U (my new favorite pastime) and it made two (of many) interesting points; Wal*Mart, which would be China’s 8th … Continue reading

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Amazon Overview

If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I spend a bit of time following Amazon, both from a business perspective as well as my interest in the energy they’ve invested in webservice (SaaS) technologies. I recently gave a presentation … Continue reading

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