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Amazon should participate in the OpenWeb

The talks a lot about open standards, particularly in social networks. I find their videos are always energetic and help keep me abreast on aspects of the web that I don’t get to deal with frequently. I believe their … Continue reading

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How traditional IT skills are becoming irrelevant

I hope those who know me wouldn’t peg me as an alarmist. So take my title with a grain of salt but also, because of that same optimism, with a sense of sobriety. I’ve followed “cloud computing” for a while … Continue reading

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Life, Love and Personal Fulfillment in the Amazon

No, this has nothing to do with strange anthropological experiences it’s even more fascinating… I watched a great video from iTunes U (my new favorite pastime) and it made two (of many) interesting points; Wal*Mart, which would be China’s 8th … Continue reading

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Amazon Overview

If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I spend a bit of time following Amazon, both from a business perspective as well as my interest in the energy they’ve invested in webservice (SaaS) technologies. I recently gave a presentation … Continue reading

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You pick, open infrastructure or getting things done?

I’ve been pretty hot on Amazon for a while now. No that’s not a stock tip, rather a statement of my amazement at their success and innovation as a company. If you haven’t realized, Amazon has been branching out beyond … Continue reading

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