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I'm trying to build something interactive where I can learn from others and hopefully share useful knowledge too.

Sensor Democracy

Hot on the heels of talking with my friend Kevin about training for data is a revelation by my new favorite fitness company Wahoo makers of fitness sensors, devices and apps. One of the challenges for any geek who wants … Continue reading

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Mailing for Thinkup – Hacking a Solution without using Sendmail

I’ve been meaning to try Thinkup for a long time now, and finally got around to trying it out. I also decided this was also a good time to try a RaspberryPi and so the system I ended up running … Continue reading

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Trying to run Processing on Mac

So this is just a quick post as a breadcrumb for anyone with similar problems. I’ve been trying to run Processing (after a long hiatus) on my MacBook, and was having no luck. It would throw an error message like … Continue reading

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A Digital Revolution

As an exercise in citizen participation in Government I developed a Digital Government Tracker. At a pivotal time in history, a famous man once said: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new … Continue reading

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Postgresql Mac Installation

Just a quick note for Thanksgiving. I’m doing some experimentation and thought, given my frustrations with Sun and Oracle that I’d check out PostgreSQL instead of mysql (my typical DB of choice). Unfortunately, the┬áMac installer threw some issues, stating: “The … Continue reading

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