Can Android Equal Apple ?

Here’s an idea for any aspiring hacker out there.

Find a way to make Android mimic an iPhone when it’s connected.

Users will gain the ability to use iTunes to sync music and podcasts (and possibly Apple Apps too if the emulation went that far).

However, more important then just leveraging a known user interface it provides an obvious migration path off of Apple’s proprietary lock-in platform.

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2 Responses to Can Android Equal Apple ?

  1. jay says:

    Good point Matt,

    I think the USB guys wouldn’t be able to do much. Even if they tried, Apple would just shift to wireless syncing or something.

    However, with the US Government’s latest push towards Monopoly busting, and the Google Voice fiasco I think it’s a button someone ought to push.

    Most of the jailbreak hackers seem to have stayed abreast of Apple’s efforts (which may not have been that strongly executed) so I could see a concerted, open, effort really break this one open.

  2. Alternate suggestion.

    In other new Palm tried that with the Pre. It pretended to be an ipod. Apple blocked it. Palm asked the USB ISO guys to intervene and they got smacked down.

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