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couchdb coming back for more

Not that long ago, JChris pointed out that not only was there a new version of couchdb out but that Janl had released a new version of his OSX package, CouchDBX!! So I knew I needed to find a time … Continue reading

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Where are the filters for Google Reader?

If I can create filters for GMail, to push notes to certain folders or automatically star things, then why can’t I create similar rules for my RSS feeds? RSS has quickly become at least as important to me as email, … Continue reading

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Can Android Equal Apple ?

Here’s an idea for any aspiring hacker out there. Find a way to make Android mimic an iPhone when it’s connected. Users will gain the ability to use iTunes to sync music and podcasts (and possibly Apple Apps too if … Continue reading

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Skinned Programming Paradigms

Here’s a free thought for you. How much of people choice in programming languages is really syntax dependent? For example, I dislike Java (I hate it for other reasons) simply because of the verbosity of ‘System.out.println’ and don’t really understand … Continue reading

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