The Reciprocal World of IT and Business

Working as an Enterprise Architect, you will frequently hear how technology must support a business need. It’s a cliché, yet accurate, reminder that technologists often deploy something that doesn’t best satisfy the problem.

Although play and creativity has a place, even in business, no IT environment can long survive without supplying the business with the means to meet its objectives. There is surly no better route to bankruptcy then wasting time and money, which is what happens when IT divorces itself from the business.

However, often overlooked is the reciprocal need for the business to support IT.

This doesn’t happen when a CIO or CTO is relegated to the back office and denied a seat at the executive table and the effects are more insidious though no less disastrous in the end. Or imagine being asked to run a massive IT department with the wrong skills, or responding to a mandate for change without the ability to make the proper investments.

For any organization to succeed it’s important to realize that all offices must be imbued with the same driving passion and resources for success.

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