A simple twitter library in python

I’ve been working on a project built on Google App Engine and I’m relying on twitter to mediate some of the interaction with my end users.

What I find great about the growing prevalence of social interfaces is that I don’t have to focus predominately on coding an interface and with so many clients my users can interact with in whatever way is most appropriate, i.e. from a mobile phone or a desktop client.

Unfortunately, the standard python-twitter library doesn’t readily run under GAE because of some library issues. Originally, I was looking at providing some code changes for it but it’s a spiderweb of more abstractions then I think the problem deserves.

In the process of building my own library I found out that Avinash had figured out how to setup the authentication properly so I built upon his work and added a few other functions I needed.

We all know about twitter’s growing popularity so I thought I’d share my version as well in case it proved helpful to anyone. Twitter provides a great mechanism to decouple your interface from your backend code and I hope to see many more smart systems to come!

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  1. Cool Thanks for this post. I am starting development and this will be a big help.

  2. Cool Thanks for your article. I am starting django and this is a big help.

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