BookList – Entry 6 & 7: “Outliers” & “Talent is Overrated”

Here’s a video review I saw on OpenCulture for two books which I really enjoyed, “Outliers” and “Talent is Overrated“.

It’s a little tongue in cheek, with a bit of profanity, but it made me laugh and remember how much I loved these books.

Both are great, and I wouldn’t want to have to pick a favorite, though I love Gladwell’s ability to make complex concepts and their implications so readable. If this is a topic you’re interested in then plan on reading them as a pair, in my case I read “Outliers” second.

Unlike the video’s humorous conclusion, that we still have the fates to blame, I ascribe to the Vaynerchuk believe that it’s up to you to “Crush It“. I also think that if you don’t “make it” then it’s less about fault and more about desire and whether or not that perceived outcome was appropriate.

Regardless of how you percieve Fate, Destiny or Karma I find it inspirational to believe “you can do it” is a creed experts think you can live by, just don’t stop.

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