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Google’s Unspoken Security Vulnerability

Your personal life, which was once kept secure through email, is now open to the network via RSS. Continue reading

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Build your own ioGun!

I apologize for what will effectively be a brain dump post, but a new friend of mine from the hackaday forums is getting started on his own accelerometer controlled system and I wanted to see if I could save him … Continue reading

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Wiimote Controlled Coil Gun

I know it seems like a while since I last posted, but since my Christmas enlistment into the Joint Strike Force I’ve been busy winning WWIII for America! Actually it’s not been all video games, I’ve been working on a … Continue reading

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Taking (and keeping) your temperature!

I swear I don’t have a penchant for medical terminology but this ioBridge stuff is making me feel like that time I stayed at a Holiday Inn… so refreshing, I think I could perform surgery! After my heart hacks (see … Continue reading

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