You get what you pay for…

If you read this post on the site as opposed to via RSS you may have noticed the Theme change (and now be wondering why I changed it back).

The trial them was ASCII-one and other then not being able to figure out how to remove some of my sidebar contents I thought it was spectacular.

However, a friend informed me that he was unable to post a comment and I can only ascribe this to the update (or truthfully it could have been the migration to WordPress 2.7-RC1).

So I thought I’d switch back to the old one for now and test things out and give things time to bake.

I know most of you don’t post comments here anyway so it likely doesn’t matter. I actual prefer it that way believe it or not. Well I don’t mean I don’t like the feedback and input but I get most of it via twitter and that’s just fine with me.

Personally I’d love it if WP just allowed pingbacks and no comments except via twitter. I mean that every post page should have a list of the times it was twittered and / or posted.

I just don’t think every WP should have to maintain it’s own user authentication system, and judging by the constant “new user registrations” which look like spammers to me, I’d be happy not to.

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I'm trying to build something interactive where I can learn from others and hopefully share useful knowledge too.
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  1. jay says:

    Comments probably work now

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