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Open heart surgery!

It’s not quite a detailed tutorial but I hope any budding ioBridge cardiologists will find my latest foray into web2.0 useful. I’ve recorded a video of my ioBridge project and posted it on Vimeo in the hope that it will … Continue reading

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Bridge to my heart…

Yesterday I talked quickly about my new ioBridge module and how excited I was to get started with it! As I mentioned, my real goal is to bring physical interactions into the digital world and I had a heartbreakingly simple … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Google Friend Connect

I’ve been building my personal site and one of the things I’m excited about is the chance to interconnect my work with the larger social networks out there. I believe every site should do what it’s best at and my … Continue reading

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ioBridge setup

Although I’m often working with “web stuff” or Enterprise Architectures I’ve always had a soft spot for what used to be called “ubiquitious computing”. I once had an interview at IBM and their interpretation of the term was “the ability … Continue reading

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My least favorite part of JSON…

I love how simple the JSON spec is. I never enjoyed reading through all the XML closures, etc. JSON just feels more programming so you don’t have to shift your brain as much as you do with XML. However, I … Continue reading

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