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You can probably tell from the picture that my wife and I have done a lot of traveling. I actually finished Superclass a few weeks ago. Yet, I’m embarrassed to admit it’s been over a month since I proclaimed my intent to review the books I’ve been reading.

However, I’m determined not to interleave reviews so let me comment on this one so I can get on with the others! In fact, I’m quite certain I can review this in far less time then it took me to complete.

I really respect the tone with which David Rothkopf approached his topic. Writing rationally about a global elite which could move mountains, especially in this day and age, is a tough line to walk.

I also think David gives well weighted credibility to debunking the “conspiracy theories” as well as highlighting the dangers that such a connected class brings whether intentionally or accidentally.

Despite his even handed approach I wish I could have found the technique as enjoyable. I’m not someone who enjoys “the name game” or following cliques and lists of “who’s who” and perhaps that made this book extra tough for me.

The first and last few chapters are pretty enjoyable but the meat of the book is was very difficult for me to make it through. I’d recommend the book to anyone who’s interested in this topic but it’s a perfect example of the benefits of your local library!

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