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Booklist – Entry 2

As promised in my earlier post I wanted to be more active in continuing my reviews, and this is a book worth the accolades. In “Predictably Irrational” the author, Dan Ariely, gives us a chance face some of the most … Continue reading

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< /BookReview 1 > *bug* You can’t make up fake tags in WP

You can probably tell from the picture that my wife and I have done a lot of traveling. I actually finished Superclass a few weeks ago. Yet, I’m embarrassed to admit it’s been over a month since I proclaimed my … Continue reading

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Apple’s lone Genius

Cool visualizations aside, the most interesting announcement of iTunes 8 (and the quick subsequent bugfix) was the new “Genius” feature. Steve Jobs has been criticized for being out of touch before, when the iPhone came out with out any sort … Continue reading

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