What do I win… ?

I have a confession to make which probably won’t surprise many of you, least of all my wife. I hope it’s a minor flaw that doesn’t make me too intolerable but the fact is: I like to be right.

I don’t believe I’m the “In your face – *boo yah* Where’s my $20?” kinda right. I prefer to consider it as a paternal smugness, quiet calmness with a wry, knowing “Well, I’m sure you had to figure that out on your own but I just wish I could have made things easier for you” kind of smile.

So I don’t normally go out of my way to toot my own horn but I wanted to take exception because I think it will illustrate a lot about me… and trust me I’m wrong a fair amount of the time too.

There are great debates about “Generalists vs. Specialists” and “Consumers vs. Producers” and I’m sure a ton of other “Mavens, Connectors, etc…” generalizations from Freakenomics.

Honestly, I’m not sure which of any of those labels I truly am. On a Meyers Briggs test I’m a bit of everything and I sort of think of myself as a guy who could step into many situations and make do, which probably means a “Consuming Generalist Connector” if one had to pick.

To me it’s reminiscent of that TV show “The Pretender”, minus the genious IQ. I make no illusions that I’d be an adequate Dr. or working at the LHC, but I’ve done marketing, management, business, technology and lots of variations in between.

Most of my friends know that I parse a lot of data, it “feeds my need” and making the connections and tracking the patterns is something I find fulfilling. Recently, someone told me I have a great mind for strategy and I glossed over the compliment but in this most recent context it was interesting to reevaluate that statement.

So what was it? What did I do? Simply put, I did what I enjoy doing; I read and observed and let intuition guide.

I won’t bore you with a soliloquy about the merits of on demand fabrication and the future, but if you’ve followed any of it you’ve heard about Ponoko, BigBlueSaw and Shapeways.

Recently Ponoko announced an upcoming feature release, something to make digital design and fabrication easier and more approachable then invited people to guess. So I guessed, not having “the answer” in mind till I started writing my comment but when I wrote I had that sense of knowing I was right.

It wasn’t like competing for a Nobel Prize, there were probably only about 75 other posters but the only other person who mentioned something similar was the one immediately following mine. And now it’s real and people are excited about it.

Me, I think it’s a great concept and I’m excited too, but I must admit; I’m also excited about being right.

So Ponoko, where’s my prize?

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