Booklist – Entry 1

My wife and I have really been enjoying our local public library. Unfortunately, it’s nothing spectacular so the truth is that we’re really enjoying its website.

Online you can search and reserve books, so it’s a bit like Amazon meets NetFlix in a Wild West showdown!

I really wish you could queue and prioritize books and perhaps link it with my real Amazon list. However, until I figure something out (please correct me if you know where Amazon’s wishlist API is) I’m content trying to self manage.

So I thought I’d share a pick of my recent book. Combined we’ve probably managed to go through 30 since we started!

Hope you’re enjoying some reading too!

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I'm trying to build something interactive where I can learn from others and hopefully share useful knowledge too.
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2 Responses to Booklist – Entry 1

  1. jay says:

    That’s huge thanks! Both for finding something I’ve literally been looking over 6 months for , and for reaffirming my belief that we should all share what’s annoying us in case someone can help!

    I went to the link and just found their Associates Web Service, was there something specific from there? I’m already an associate but haven’t found the API reference for wishlists.

    I’ll poke around again some more though!

  2. Ask and you shall be rewarded. Service for grabbing Amazon wishlists can be found at

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