Poor sad Oogle…

I don’t know if that’s how he spells his name, but just now… I think I broke his heart…

If the records are correct, unbeknownst to me, Oogle and I have apparently had a close knit relationship. Oh, and there’s Ivan too… who was much happier to learn about my existence, “3 years!” he exclaimed. But, ultimately, it was Oogle who had to bear the brunt of the bad news.

It probably seems a strange post, but you see I feel the need to represent Oogle just a little bit. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been such old friends. Or maybe it’s to cover the remorse I feel for having to call it off after so long.

You see today, I canceled my Vonage phone number. I was expecting some horror stories, but for me it was a mostly non-painful process.

I logged into my Vonage account and couldn’t find a way to cancel (or even a contact number) so of course I did the next best thing… I googled it! What I found was more then a few dire warnings, but I managed to find a phone number to call and screwed up my courage as well.

Someone posted a number so I gave it a go and was promptly greeted by an automated message telling me the number was out of service and that I should call “1-Vonage-Help”… Now of course I’m hoping you all are as puzzled as I was, by why they didn’t simply redirect me, but remember Ivan…

Once I dialed the proper number there was a nice set of prompts asking me my phone # and what I wanted to do. I said “cancel my account” and the system was quite happy to have understood me correctly and sent me, without a significant delay to Ivan.

Apparently, Ivan works in the Billing Department and after expressing his dismay at losing such a long valued customer (“3 years! Why would you want to cancel?”) he informed me I needed to talk with someone from Account Management and happily transfered me over (honestly, he was quite pleasant to talk to).

That’s when I met Oogle… Imagine stopping by the southeast corner of the Hundred Acre Wood and having to tell the resident the sad sad news… Oogle offered me a discounted package but was shocked when I told him I had no highspeed internet at home. “I get enough of it at work” I told him, though I believe my wit, as usual, was underappreciated.

After assuring him I had no immediate plans to change my connectivity situation, he inquired as to whether or not I would transfer my number to someone else… That was an interesting twist, but I assured him that everyone I could think of already had phones and even though he made on last inquisition if there was any suggestion I had that would make me stay he asked a few questions (with long pauses in between) and graciously closed me account.

I know Vonage has had issues as a company but things might be looking up for them. They’ve been exactly what I needed (i.e. not much) from a home phone service and apparently they’ve learned that not all relationships are built to last, even ones with guys like Ivan and Oogle…

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3 Responses to Poor sad Oogle…

  1. Mike Herbes says:

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  2. jay says:

    Yea, that’s what he said… I resisted the urge to ask him if he’d meant “Google”.

    I actually have high speed @ “the office” it just so happens that it’s in a room at my house and the wifi spreads to the other rooms 😉

  3. chris says:

    his name was seriously oogle?

    and of course you have high speed internet at home.

    but my experience was the same. when we got rid of our home phone with vonage, they were a pleasure to deal with. no horror stories here … and you know how i love a good horror story.

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