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Posting from my iphone

Although it’s a bit limited, e.g. creating links, I’m now able to post from my iPhone! It’s not only “neat” from a technology perspective but blurrs the lines between blog and social networking site. Almost a resurgence to distributed computing … Continue reading

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Educate yourself and while you’re at it, others too

As I wrote yesterday I love TED Talks… oh yea and I did also mention a growing sense of disenfranchisement. I try not to take the information I gather for granted, and one of the joys I experience is in … Continue reading

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Can we break the generation gap in business?

I’m finally getting “settled” in my new role working from home and part of that means getting a chance to get through some podcasts. Actually, although I love TED Talks, I’m not actually a big fan of podcasts. Imagine taking … Continue reading

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One bit of Python I’ll never get…

>>> “hello”[2:4] ‘ll’ >>> “hello”[2:] ‘llo’ >>> “hello”[:4] ‘hell’ Do any of those not make sense to you? Here’s how I see it, and my confusion; “hello” represents a 5 character string… and indexing starts at 0, something most programmers … Continue reading

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Poor sad Oogle…

I don’t know if that’s how he spells his name, but just now… I think I broke his heart… If the records are correct, unbeknownst to me, Oogle and I have apparently had a close knit relationship. Oh, and there’s … Continue reading

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