My how long it’s been…

6 weeks! Wow, yes it’s really been that long since I started reading Programming Collective Intelligence and last posted here.

A lot has happened during that time, my wife got a new job and because of that we moved. We’re both happy about the chance to “evolve” and I think it’s going to enable a lot of opportunities. But clearly there’s been many things going on as a result. I’ve been lucky in being able to continue in my current job and am “just” transitioning to a remote employee working full time out of a home office.

I really like having a traditional office with people to “work with” (whether it’s directly or indirectly) but I’m actually enjoying the work at home (WAH) aspect too. Long term I want to manage IT professionals and I believe that will inherently entail remote employees, so I think the chance to be one for a while will garner me a lot of experience and understanding.

I’m also excited about being nearby some fantastic friends, whom I’ve known for a very long time, although it means “trading” the fantastic “local” friends. I don’t ever believe you have to “play favorites” with friends, I’ve certainly got enough love to go around, and it’s exciting to be “forced” to use social technologies to keep up with the ones I’m leaving behind and also to also use those tools in my new location as well.

This should also signal a return to “projecting” for me, which is another event I’m particularly excited about. It’s not all roses though, I can’t remember the PW on my wireless router, my office is still a mess with boxes everywhere and my home server was DoA.So it’s going to mean a technology upgrade (and I need to buy my wife a new computer too) and a lot of threads to tidy up but in the end I really feel positive about the shift.

Hopefully you’ve not all forgotten about me and you’ll forgive my absence. I hope I perhaps just sat idle in your RSS feeds and you didn’t feel the need to purge me because of the silence.


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