Web 3.0 – Where Stuff actually works the way you want!

I haven’t waded through all the implications of Apple’s event today but this in particular caught my eye;

“He’s picked up an iPhone. He’s going into contacts, calendar and
e-mail, and it’s all empty. Now he’s looking at settings, goes into
mail settings, and looks at an Exchange account that’s already set up.
He turns on ActiveSync for contacts, mail and everything, and now he
goes in and everything from the server has been pushed down to the

Couple it with Google’s announcement today that they’ve opened their Contacts API and I expect that soon we’ll see Google contacts syncing with the iPhone. I’ve already started standardizing on Google as my “information backup” and think this would be great!

One of the critiques on the iPhone was that since Steve loves music, it’s great for music. However, Steve doesn’t get “social applications” so it’s lacking in those capacities (e.g. no GPS and “buddy locator”). Personally, I’ve seen how painful iTunes can be syncing video and podcasts, especially when managing multiple phones from one iTunes, so I imagine Steve isn’t watching too many TED talks or iTunes U!

I believe linking Facebook & Twitter status with my iPhone would start a killer level of integration. Imaging scrolling through your contacts list to see what they’re doing. While we’re at it, why not fade out those people I don’t call frequently (or who aren’t “socially” active) as much, i.e. Vinny’s Pizza joint doesn’t need to weigh in my attention at the same level as my wife! Why is alphabetical the only visualization option. If we can get picture flow for music albums, why not for my closest friends!

Picture being bored and wanting to find someone to connect with and scrolling through your list and knowing; “Chris is heading to the gym” … don’t call him. “Kyle is cooking…” ok, he’s out. Then finally seeing “Peter is watching the rain come down” … *ring ring*.

It speaks to the growing level of integration I hope we’ll start to see from our products. The O’Reilly Radar has introduced software above the level of a single device, and this is my interpretation of that reality! I believe Web 3.0 is the social side of all this technology and it sounds like here we come!

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