Even an Apple goes bad now and then…

I seem to be having a confluence of technology issues recently.

Dreamhost, which I’ve loved until now can’t seem to follow through on a simple request (so that I can pay them!!!). And that 1TB drive I “gave” myself for Christmas has failed and the manufacturer hasn’t returned my service call.

To top if off, last night I managed to “break” my iPhone. It’s not physical damage, but now I’m unable to “take” a picture, something I enjoy doing so I can post them to various places.

Things seem to work ok from the shutter closing, but when I go into the camera roll to look at the saved photos, there’s now an empty thumbnail. Selecting the thumbnail causes the photo roll to crash.

I believe the mistake was in using Microsoft XP’s “camera services” to delete the 330+ photos I had saved, obviously not something I’d do by hand. Every time my wife and I sync our phones I have windows configured to copy off the pictures, but this time I’m sure Windows in all it’s glory decided to set a bit somewhere the iPhone doesn’t expecting.

A firmware upgrade to 1.1.4 didn’t fix, and when I went to restore I got an error even then; 1602. Apparently that means I’m supposed to completely remove iTunes and Quicktime from my wife’s computer and reinstall everything.

I’m can’t even able to get an image upload working to show you the error message ….

It’s rough, but manageable. It just means time working through various support queues.

The important realization is that everyone and everything disappoints in some way… this is life after all. We’re usually lucky in that failures are rarely life threatening or permanent.

Avoiding the potential for failure is in and of itself a disappointment, for without the effort I wouldn’t have joy of toys that are cool when they work. If you take them in stride and carry past the implications, anything is surmountable.

So soldier on… but be careful

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3 Responses to Even an Apple goes bad now and then…

  1. jay says:

    Molly has a good point as well, this is not my first phone and Apple has been responsive in rectifying the issues we’ve had (other then making her come back another day because they didn’t have a replacement 4G in stock and she didn’t want to pay $50 for an 8G).

    As an update apparently _their_ restore worked so she’s bringing my baby back to me…. I have no idea why my attempts failed.

  2. Molly says:

    I don’t care if it is in the dictionary – irregardless is NOT a word 😉

    to other readers: I will be taking the “broken” iPhone to the Apple Store this afternoon, after which Jay can update on their actual customer service policies. That being said, Apple has previously been pretty good about the customer service end – between the two of us, we’ve had 5 iPhones in 6 months – Apple has simply given us a new one each time something was faulty. However, that begs the question “why was it faulty in the first place?”

  3. jay says:

    Brad’s got a good rejoinder over at his site;


    He’s right, companies should produce quality and even more importantly make it easy for customers to provide feedback and get “compensated” for their trouble (think Disney’s excellent service policies).

    My view is that irregardless (yes Molly it’s in the dictionary) of what corporations do, or how they treat you, soldier on.

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