Even the real geeks at google can’t get it right all the time…

Having a “systems programming” background I’m a little green to this web programming stuff. It’s not that it’s incomprehensible, I’ve designed for these applications but I want to ensure I can implement some of the software components as well.

I’m beginning to really appreciate it, in part because the frameworks are so polished that I don’t have to worry about drawing boxes and attaching buttons just to make a workable interface. I’m also a fan of REST and appreciate the human readability, however XML is not “imparseable”, it just wraps horribly in a console window.

As you can tell from previous posts, I’ve been practicing Python and I’ve begun exploring RSS as a communication mechanism and attempting to use feedparser for working with that data. A feed library is crucial because of the trickiness of XML, the multiple versions of RSS and the intermix with Atom.

Yet, I seem to be thwarted by my expected allies in this brave new world, Google.

Of all parties, as evidenced by the plethora of their API‘s, you’d expect Google to be the most rigorous in ensuring the ease of integration of their products.

Yet, even with a set of well baked set of enhancements to Google Reader it appears that even Google isn’t perfect.

In short; I’m trying to use a well known feed library for a language favored by Google, to read a popular blogger’s shared feed, in well known standard from a popular Google RSS service

Yet, it appears to not be valid syntax… how can us mere mortals hope to survive?

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