iPhone’s Safari – not for geeks

I was watching a presentation on my iPhone on implementation of MapReduce for multi-core and multi-processor systems…

You can find out more about it at the project’s website.

Before you go.. note the “~christos” part of the URL. In UNIX-speak it means “the home directory of the user christos”. That little “squiggle” is called a tilde and is a common syntax, especially for geeks.

However, the iPhone’s keypad lacks a ‘~’ character!

Rather then enter a relatively short URL, I had to use some searching on Google to get me there. Not exactly the user experience I think Apple would strive for.

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3 Responses to iPhone’s Safari – not for geeks

  1. AerialPJ says:


  2. jay says:

    Thanks! That’s a little confusing (who knew what was hiding behind those keys) but a huge help!

  3. Kyle says:

    There is actually a tilde. See comment #1:


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