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Even an Apple goes bad now and then…

I seem to be having a confluence of technology issues recently. Dreamhost, which I’ve loved until now can’t seem to follow through on a simple request (so that I can pay them!!!). And that 1TB drive I “gave” myself for … Continue reading

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An Apple for your thoughts…

Am I the only one who wonders why Apple has to take their store offline every time the release a new product? It doesn’t seem beyond Apple’s ability to “flip a switch” to make things instantly live. For a company … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how much is wasted because of vaguarities

Just a quick post, but I’m in a meeting and we’ve spent over an hour discussion how Team A needs information about Team B’s usage numbers, i.e. how many hours they’ve worked and for whom. As an engineer it seems … Continue reading

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Even the real geeks at google can’t get it right all the time…

Having a “systems programming” background I’m a little green to this web programming stuff. It’s not that it’s incomprehensible, I’ve designed for these applications but I want to ensure I can implement some of the software components as well. I’m … Continue reading

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The Titanic is not a SaaS model

I used to to have many great discussions with a coworker, Dan. I think (hope) we both learned a lot from each other, because even though we have similar “technical philosophies” we approached problems differently, akin to the “Generalist vs … Continue reading

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