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Just a quick post before the holidays, I’ll be traveling quite a bit so we’ll see how everything holds up.

While planning out this trip, I was thinking about making a “My Maps” Google map. I tried this technique while I was in Philadelphia but unfortunately it wasn’t successful.

While the iPhone’s built in map application is awesome it doesn’t allow you to do the “My Maps” things like add your own markers. At the time I thought “no big deal” and fired up the embedded Safari. When the interface didn’t do what I wanted, I eventually made the map on a PC and then browsed to that map on my iPhone.

The ultimate problem is that the iPhone won’t let you scroll the google map. Because of the multi-touch interface of the iPhone, whenever you make a “mouse flick” it tries to scroll the page in the viewport window, not pass that motion down to Google Maps.

This actually happens in a few other web applications as well, but Google maps is the biggest place where I suffer. I came up with a simple fix last night which would add an approprite key combination to let you do this.

I recently stumbled across “Petitinvention” and have been jealous of Mac Funamizu’s ability to articulate ideas in such a visually simplistic and artful manner.

Subconsciously I must have been influenced by his resent “iPhone & iPod Touch’s instant access button (you can allocate functions)” concept and it peculated through my brain to last night.

My belief is that the default behavior of the iPhone should stay just as it is. However a useful addition would be that if you hold down the “home” button while making a mouse “flick” the iPhone should pass that motion down to the web application instead of interpreting it for itself.

Hopefully that made sense, otherwise Funamizu-san will have to give me a lot of graphics lessons.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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