Why am I Scared Sh*tless

I haven’t yet “made it out” whether that’s working for new man or on my own, but I have a few friends who have managed to make that type of transition, *hi guys*. In fact I have a friend that works in Dakar who’s literally had to pack a bullet proof vest for one of her “business trips”.

People probably wouldn’t identify me as hesitant, and I don’t think of myself as such. I went to school a 6 hr drive from my home and never went home for summers. My first “real job” was 8 hrs away from both home and school, and the next one was 12 hrs distant.

Friends as a critical part of who I am, but I managed to become a pretty independent person.

So why have I been hesitant to start my own business?

“If you think youíre afraid your business will fail, youíre not. You might be afraid of poverty, of humiliation, of never finding happiness, but youíre not afraid your business will fail. Figure out what the problem really is and stop pretending the Big White Elephant of Fear hasnít taken up residence in the corner of your home office.”

It’s a great insight written quite some time ago Naomi over at ittybiz in her article Entrepreneurship: What To Do When Youíre Scared Sh*tless.

I’ve had this link laying around in my head for a while now, not because I was scared to post it but because I wasn’t sure what “action” I can take from the lesson.

Lastnight, as I was playing around with this blog, making backups, tweaking stuff and somehow messing it up. I went to make an edit and had “page not found”, I went to the admin page and it wasn’t found either.

For about 6 minutes I experienced a pretty significant moment of panic, while this is by no means a business I realized then that I had something I cared about and was afraid would fail.

Obviously I recovered, at least I hope I’m not hallucinating, and despite this fear of failing I know my writing here is something worth pushing.

So it’s not just in business that we can fear and Naomi has other good examples. It’s probably also rare to have “one fear at a time”. There’s likely a list of things you dislike doing or are afraid you’ll mess up. However, go embrace them! For people who are passionate about success for themselves the biggest mistake is in not trying!

If you don’t have any fears go find some, or let me know and you can solve some of mine!

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  1. jay says:

    Hi Naomi!
    Thanks for stopping by, I’ve enjoyed your posts!

  2. Hey! There’s my name! Thanks for the link. And no, you’re not hallucinating. I see this post, loud and clear. Well, clear. It’s text, so it’s not exactly loud.

    Dig the blog layout, by the way. Very clean.

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