Software Above the Level of a Single Device

Tim O’Reilly’s got another set of good thoughts on Software Above the Level of a Single Device.

I found the title a bit misleading but my simplified summary is that, companies should think beyond a single interface for their product. He uses the example of using a PC for managing an embedded device in a richer manner then the device can allow and also uses iTunes as an example.

I posted some thoughts in his comment section but wanted to recreate them here because it aligns with my earlier thoughts on “seemless” [sic] integration.

Here’s the content of my reply to Tim;

I think you’re right that product owners need to consider the experience beyond just “their” product, and I definitely agree that the iPhone needs to embrace the address book further. However, I think it’s more then just using the PC to manage an embedded device.

What I really want is “seemless” [sic] integration.

In your example, why should I have to use iTunes to update my address book for my iPhone, why not either or and have them synced… they kind of do that now…

So beyond now, why not use facebook to update my iPhone’s contact list, or vice versa. If a user sets their facebook status to “Jay is busy working” then maybe it might be useful for my phone to show me that status before I tried calling them to talk about the big game lastnight.

I don’t mind multiple services, twitter, facebook, gmail++ but I do mind having to constantly enter information multiple times, and I think we need to look beyond “export and import” as a solution.

The true answer is that consumers don’t want to use a PC to manage “this” and that” they want all their things to manage each other!

Do you think it’s possible? Or is that just my personal utopia?

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  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    Thanks very much for the post. Have added it to one of my favourite blogs.

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  6. Brad says:

    Started to respond as a comment, but it got unwieldy, so I decided to just post it. If this keeps up I’ll be running a blog merely by virtue of commenting on yours…

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