Embodying Opensource

Just the other day I wrote how I hope the “opensource” culture, not of technology but of social obligation, will begin to evolve the enterprise.

I’ve been working through a serious backlog of articles, and while this one’s been on my “to read” list for a while it was particular relevant to my last post.

The title “Fire your best people, reward the lazy ones” is inflammatory but the article itself accurately represents one way that opensource culture beats out the traditional enterprise behavior.

“To me, if the knowledge is locked in your head, you are a less valuable, not more valuable, resource.”

I know “traditionally” such knowledge lock-in was considered “job security” but it’s an attitude I find unfathomable. Perhaps if you enjoy being stuck forever in your current job, however such an isolationist tendency will quickly leave your code and skills outdated and ripe for replacement.

So ask yourself, How have you emabled someone today?

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