The Mythical Man Month

Again, Adam from Monk at Work raises our awareness that no one walks alone. I believe one of the pervasive “myths” of the “man month” is the attitude that tasks can be reduced to an individual unit.

Nowhere in business does someone operate as an individual, or rather I suppose we operate as individuals but never without the impact from, and in turn impacting, others.

I have been both a technical resource and a project manager and the assumptions of a “heroic soloist” seem inescapable in the workforce. Management tends to expect planning and declaration to resolve all action. There seems to be strong trends to manage by spreadsheet and remain disconnected from the perpetual interactions of employees.

I believe the explicit and overt embrace of the social is what makes the opensource momentum so powerful. Contributors exhibit a tendency to “let it all hang out” and because of the nature of most distributed opensource projects i.e. digital interactions, there’s a perpetual self documenting ecosystem of those interactions.

Its a collection of belief and behaviors I’ve attempted to represent and embody as I contribute in my corporate career. However, it often works in direct contrast to traditional behaviors. Sometimes disappointing, often frustrating it can be hard to believe in the path.

However, I’m fortunate to work with peers who share the expectations of open collaboration and ignore the artificial boundaries of convention. Adam seems to be another such soul and I hope his work in the enterprise continues to spread the message.

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I'm trying to build something interactive where I can learn from others and hopefully share useful knowledge too.
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  1. Aaron Black says:

    Thank you very much ! Erp is the key.

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