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Software Above the Level of a Single Device

Tim O’Reilly’s got another set of good thoughts on Software Above the Level of a Single Device. I found the title a bit misleading but my simplified summary is that, companies should think beyond a single interface for their product. … Continue reading

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What I do for a living…

As the year draws to a close, I’ve been busy trying to complete multiple projects concurrently. However, a few months ago I purchased an iPhone and it’s proven to be very effective at productively filling the “in between” time. I … Continue reading

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Embodying Opensource

Just the other day I wrote how I hope the “opensource” culture, not of technology but of social obligation, will begin to evolve the enterprise. I’ve been working through a serious backlog of articles, and while this one’s been on … Continue reading

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Step by Step

This past weekend I had the privilege of watching my wife run a marathon. This makes the third one we’ve done, and while the first two were a little overwhelming I feel like this time we “knew what we were … Continue reading

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My sympathies

With a wife with majors in Psychology and Counseling I’ve absorbed some of her skepticism of popular personality assessments. However, she and I both feel they’re interesting ways of starting a dialog about how people approach their environment. I took … Continue reading

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