Becoming a leader … why should you care

As I’ve been creating this blog I’ve been having major struggles with what seems like a relatively minor component; the “about you” section. Everything seems to request a description and it’s a sensible position to have, i.e. why should people care if you can’t even articulate who you are?

I was recently re-inspired to consider this point while listening to Carmine Gallo discuss his new book Fire Them Up!. I haven’t read the book, but was reading The Seven Secrets of Inspiring Leaders on BusinessWeek. The article is a good read and I was thrilled by the audio slide show at the end of page two.

Carmine talks about some aspects of management and the work force today, ones I’ve also been discussing with a colleague of mine. For example, Carmine mentions that “GenXers” are twice as likely to want weekly feedback vs “BabyBoomers” [in general I hate the generational labeling but it’s convenient conceptually]. Another point I found insightful was the elucidation that GenXers aren’t driven by a “get rich quick” philosophy but rather crave empowerment. It’s a powerful distinction, and misunderstanding that I’ve often seen in my own career.

So how does this relate to “about me” ? Well, another interesting concept Carmine presents is that when he was learning to write he continually pondered the question; “Why do my readers care?“.

I’d like nothing more than to be able to finish this post with a witty and inspiring paragraph about why I’m so amazing that you need to care. Unfortunately, I think many bloggers over-hype themselves in this way.

I believe a single description is too simplistic an approach and that only content can prove value.

I do believe I can share value, that I’m intelligent and contribute insight and experience. However, maybe you care because you agree with my points, or maybe you care because you disagree. If I hold a single “ultimate hope” it’s that what might make you care enough is that I cause enough intrigue for you to consider things individually and to share those insights with us all.

Ultimately, I can’t tell you why you’d care, and I fear trying to do so would remove from you that sense of feedback and empowerment that I think we all crave.

What do you think? Is attempting to describe this activity an ultimate limit on why we all care?

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