Getting Started

It seems there’s so much to do to first get started blogging. Most of it is a “known” set of things but there’s still many ends and outs you have to work through.

My path has been to try to get content first, simply enforcing the art of practice. Then analytics because without feedback I have no true incentive to continue. Ads are more of an experiment,  just trying something that’s part of “the experience”.

Next comes “marketing” to eventually determine the value of my contribution. For starters this; Technorati Profile. It’s something I don’t expect or hope to invest much time in. Not because I believe “if I blog it the world will come” but rather because I want the practice of content to be my priority.

Are there any others ? Oh yes, readers…

About jay

I'm trying to build something interactive where I can learn from others and hopefully share useful knowledge too.
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